Energy cleansing


The energy field of your body is a mirror of yourself. Stress, tension, thoughts and emotions can cause your field to become ‘polluted’ and unbalance the energy flow.

In Inca shamanism it is common to regularly clear the energy field of Hucha, heavy energy. This includes everything that you do not need anymore and that you carry along emotionally and energetically. Also in Zhineng Qigong you practice to let go of what you no longer need.

For whom

The energy cleaning is suited for everyone. The cleansing is not a substitute for therapy. The energy cleansing helps you to clear your energy field. Therapy focuses on self realisation and personal growth and it addresses the cause of psychological and energetic problems. 


You experience inner peace and relaxation in the body. Your energy flows freely again. The head is clear and you feel more strongly grounded. You feel free.

The session

The energy cleansing takes 30 minutes and starts with a cleansing with the initiated Inca shamanic Hucha stones. Afterwards, the chakras and the energy field are brought back into balance, this happens on the treatment table, and is with clothes on.


The session of 30 minutes costs 46,50 euro. Here you will find the conditions and other information of Ardite.

Planning a cleansing session

In the appointment calendar you can schedule a session yourself.

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