Energy healing

Energy healing is centuries-old and of all cultures. The healing restores the energy field of your body and helps your energy to flow more smoothly. The session is a combination of energy-work and Jungian psychotherapy.

Emotions, stress, and illness leave your energy field out of balance. You feel restless, tense and uncomfortable. By releasing old pain and emotions from your energy field, you work on your health and personal growth. To gain insights in these processes you work on personal growth.

For whom

The treatment is suitable for children, young people and adults. The healing has a positive effect on problems and complaints related high sensitivity, emotional problems, anxiety, tension, stress, concentration problems, burn out, blockages and spiritual issues.


You experience inner peace and relaxation in the body. The mind is clear and calm. During the healing, insights come up from your subconsciousness which help emotional problems to diminish. Children feel free and more balanced. Daily life becomes easier and you will feel closer to your ‘true self’.

The session

Energy healing is based on two-weekly sessions, for at least 3 sessions. The healing-process continues in the weeks between sessions.


The session of 60 minutes costs 94,50 euro. You can find the terms and other practical details of Psychologenpraktijk Ardite here.

Ardite is independent and does not maintain any agreements with insurers.


Would you like to know what the energy healing can do for you and get acquainted with Karina? In the afsprakenagenda you can plan a free 30 minute introductory meeting and a session. 

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