Inca healing

Dona Marquesa, a Q’ero medicine woman from Peru, taught Karina how to perform a Inca shamanistic healing. This powerful healing is a complete energy healing at deep subconscious level and has been in use for several centuries in Peru.

The session

The Inca healing starts with the release of heavy energy with the Hoocha stones. Then the Chumpi stones, which are connected to spirit animals, are placed on the body. During the healing you lie under a blanket with your clothes on.

During the journey you can meet your spirit animals or figures. They will give you wisdom and insights to soul issues. Old pain is relieved, and lost parts of the soul are retrieved. This is called soul retrieval.

By replenishing the life energy, the journey ends and at last, the protective energy bands are placed.

The process of personal growth and awareness continues in the months after the healing. If you want to continue this process it is advised to repeat the healing after 3 months.

For whom

The treatment works strongly for old pain, trauma, energy, blockages, unexplained physical complaints and developmental issues and soul issues. In case of severe psychological problems, the treatment is given as part of psychotherapy.


The healing takes about 120 minutes and costs 137,50 euro. You can find the terms and other practical details of Psychologenpraktijk Ardite here.

Ardite is independent and does not maintain any agreements with insurers.


Would you like to know what the Inca healing can do for you and get acquainted with Karina? In the afsprakenagenda you can plan a free 30 minute introductory meeting and a session. 

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