Jungian psychotherapy

Personal growth and development are at the heart of the psychoanalytical therapy of C.G. Jung. It is based on a positive and holistic view and focuses on making the subconsciousness conscious.

Our subconsciousness contains painful experiences and memories that can cause psychological symptoms. By transforming this old pain, by making them conscious, the symptoms disappear. In this way we grow as human beings and come closer to our ‘true self’. Dream analysis and creative exercises are part of the therapy.

For whom

Psychotherapy is suitable for adults and adolescents with problems such as: high-sensitivity, giftedness, burn out, relationship problems, fears, depression, autism, narcissism and trauma.


Old pain and trauma disappear. Negative thoughts dissolve. Your self-confidence increases and you feel empowered. Relationships are going better, work and career choices become more clear. Physically there is more peace and balance. In short, you are full of life.

The session

Psychotherapy is based on weekly or two-weekly sessions of 60 minutes over a longer period of time. It’s possible to have the sessions online with Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/3232399456.


The 60 minutes session costs 94,50 euro. Read the terms here.

Ardite is independent and does not maintain any agreements with insurers.


Would you like to know what psychotherapy can do for you and get acquainted with Karina? In the afsprakenagenda you can plan a free 30 minute introductory meeting and a session. 

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