Qigong is a Chinese style of meditation in motion. Qi is the life force, the force that makes people grow and flowers blossom. Gong means to move. The quiet meditative movements open the meridians and let your energy flow freely again.

Qigong is a way to the inside. A way to develop your self-awareness. To become more clear and to release both physical and emotional pain. A path of healing and personal growth. The path of individuation as Carl Jung would describe it.

Along the way you notice that the body heals from illnesses and old injuries, and your self-healing potential increases. Emotions are less likely to take the upper hand, and your emotional life is becoming more and more balanced. You become clear in your head, your focus and concentration increase.

Along the way you notice that the body recovers from illness, blockages and old injuries. Your self-healing capacity is strengthened. Emotions are less likely to take the upper hand, and your emotional life is becoming more and more balanced. You become clear in your head, your focus increases.

A particularly beautiful effect, and at the same time the first step in your training, is the opening of your heart. Letting go of the old wounds, heart stones, frees your heart again. A free heart connects in love and compassion with ‘the true self’, mother earth and all living beings.

Zhineng Qigong distinguishes itself from other styles in that it includes a wide range of exercises as well as a solid theoretical framework. In addition, Zhineng Qigong works with a group healing field which strengthens the healing power of the exercises even more.

My meeting with grandmaster Feng is both one of my most precious and at the same time special experiences. Grandmaster Feng has worked together with grandmaster dr Pang Ming, and is one of the founders of Zhineng Qigong. His training and transmission of knowledge are a great gift. Among other things I have learned the Self Awareness method from him as well as learning to work with healing qi.

Master Yuantong Liu teaches me the deeper layers in the exercises and to work with the group healing field. In doing so you treat a group of people at the same time energetically with qi. I am very grateful to him for our personal conversations, his wisdom and patience with which he has been guiding me in my teaching role for many years now. Master Yuantong Liu is trained by grandmaster Dr Pang Ming.

You Tube Zhineng Qigong exercises. Klik hier.

Weekly training on Saturday 

An wonderful training aimed at healing and personal growth. What can you expect in these weekly sessions? Exercises from level 1 and Zhineng Taiji . We end the lesson with a relaxing La Chi meditation and a group healing field. The lesson is meant for those who want to come every week, or for who wants join for one time. Because there is limited space, 6 students, please give notice in advance when you want to join the training.

Time : Saturday 9:30 – 11:30 start 27 april
Rate : 20,50 euro per lesson, 8-session card 150 euro, valid for 10 weeks.
Location :  Ardite – Kon. Emmakade 151
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Afternoon training : Qigong

A wonderful training for those who have been practicing at home for a while, want to learn new exercises and want to broaden their knowledge. In this training we practice exercises from levels 1 and 2 and Taiji ball. The training ends with a meditation and a group healing field. Beginners are also welcome in this training.

Time : Saturday 20 April 14:00 – 17:00
Rate : 48,50 euro
Location : Ardite – Kon. Emmakade 151, Den Haag
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One-day training : High Sensitivity & Zhineng Qigong – the basis

Being highly sensitive is a beautiful gift. You quickly pick up information, are curious, read the emotions of others, and feel your surroundings well. How you can effectively use this gift you learn in this training.

Tension and stress, caused by external stimuli, teach you to let go and stay with yourself in all situations. You learn what you can do to help the other person without losing your own energy or taking over the problems of another person.

The training
The special Zhineng Qigong exercises in this training are based on the conversations with master Yuantong Liu. Karina developed the Orbit-exercise and made a special training for highly sensitive people. Creative exercises and theory are part of this training, which ends with a meditation and a group healing field.

To bring
Comfortable clothes, warm socks or house shoes. A notebook. Lunch, or around the corner we can buy a great Italian sandwich for 6 euro.

Date : Saturday 13 April
Time : 10:00 – 16:30
Price : 110 euro, including tea, cookies and fruit
Location : Kon. Emmakade 151, Den Haag
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Training : High Sensitivity & Zhineng Qigong – deepening

Dates and information will follow soon.

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Training and experience of Karina

Training Zhineng Qigong :
Start Zhineng Qigong level 1, 2002
Training Tai Chi ball, Luke Chan, 2005
Training level 2, Luke Chan, 2006
Private training, Mark Sluijter, 2007-2009
Training in China, master Yuangtong Liu, 2011
Training levels 2 and 3, Zhigong Institute, 2012
Self Awareness, grandmaster Feng, 2013
Annual training level 1, 2, 3, Zhineng Taiji, master Yuantong Liu, 2013-2016
Masterclass, master Yuantong Liu, 2015-2016
Assistant to master Yuantong Liu oa exercises, theory and organizing the group healing field, 2017

Teaching experience :
Private lesson Zhineng Qigong, 2005-2007
Group lessons T’ai Chi, 2006-2007, 2015-2016
Weekly group lessons, and the basic course Zhineng Qigong 2011-2017
Training in ‘High Sensitivity and Zhineng Qigong’, 2015-2018

Other training :
Meditation, 1995 – today
T’ai Chi Chuan, 2003 – 2004
Golden Flower T’ai Chi, 2004 – today
Iaido, 2010-2013

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