Qigong is an ancient Chinese style of movement and meditation. Qi is life force, the force that makes people grow and flowers bloom. Gong means to move. The style we practice is called: Zhineng Qigong. A scientifically based form aimed at healing and awareness.

The quiet and simple movements of Qigong open the meridians and let your energy flow freely again. The improved qi-stream in the body strengthens the self-healing capacity of both the body and the mind. By connecting to the universal qi-field you feel strong and grounded in the world.

For whom

Everyone who wants to give themselves a gift and wants to be more relaxed and healthier in life. People looking for a physical and meditative training for personal growth and awareness. Teachers in Zhineng Qigong who want to learn new exercises and deepen their knowledge of teaching. 


Regular exercise makes the body relax and brings the mind to rest. The body becomes strong, healthy and flexible again. Emotionally you are more balanced, the thoughts become clear, and the concentration increases. You are stronger in the here and now, feel grounded and are getting closer and closer to your ‘true self’.

  • Qigong Private training
    A training in level 1, level 2 or Taji ball aimed at personal development, healing and growth. The 45-minute training costs 54.50 euros for a maximum of 2 people. In the appointment agenda a training can be planned.
  • Qigong Teach the Teacher training
    A training for Zhineng Qigong teachers who are looking for depth and advice. The training of 60 minutes costs 74,50 euro for a maximum of 2 persons. In the appointment agenda a training can be planned.
  • Lessons : Zhineng Qigong and High Sensitivity
    In this training you will learn how to cope with your highly sensitive symptoms and how to be strong and grounded in any situation. Look in the agenda for the upcoming series of lessons.
  • Lessons : Drawing in Meditation
    Zhineng Qigong meditation combined with drawing brings a creative healing experience. Check the agenda for the upcoming series of lessons.

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Training and experience of Karina

Training Zhineng Qigong :

Start Zhineng Qigong level 1, 2002
Training Tai Chi ball, Luke Chan, 2005
Training level 2, Luke Chan, 2006
Private training, Mark Sluijter, 2007-2009
Training in China, master Yuangtong Liu, 2011
Training levels 2 and 3, Zhigong Institute, 2012
Self Awareness, grandmaster Feng, 2013
Annual training level 1, 2, 3, Zhineng Taiji, master Yuantong Liu, 2013-2016
Masterclass, master Yuantong Liu, 2015-2016
Assistant to master Yuantong Liu oa exercises, theory and organizing the group healing field, 2017

Teaching experience :

Private lesson Zhineng Qigong, 2005-2007
Group lessons T’ai Chi, 2006-2007, 2015-2016
Weekly group lessons, and the basic course Zhineng Qigong 2011-2017
Training in ‘High Sensitivity and Zhineng Qigong’, 2015-2018

Other training :

Meditation, 1995 – today
T’ai Chi Chuan, 2003
Golden Flower T’ai Chi, 2004 – today
Iaido, 2010-2013
Soaring Eagle Wushu, 2018

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