Tarot reading

A tarot reading is a clairvoyant consult. The symbolic cards offer you insights and show your possibilities for self-awareness and personal growth. A tarot reading advises on major life themes as well as on daily matters.

Karina has been working for more than 20 years with the cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot (1910) and combines them with the powerful cards of the Voyager tarot (1985). Choosing the cards is an intuitive process based on the principle of synchronicity, meaningful coincidence.

For whom

People who would like to gain more insight into the issues and questions such as: relationships, work, personality, old pain, trauma, personal growth, love, upbringing, moving, study, strength and talent, and insights into your life path.

The session

A Tarot reading starts with determining the questions and themes and aims to provide insight and advice to the questioner. Consulting the tarot can be part of a process of personal growth and healing. A 3 monthly session is recommended in this case.


The Tarot reading lasts 60 minutes and costs 94.50 euros. Here you will find the conditions and other details of Psychologenpraktijk Ardite.

Ardite is independent and does not maintain any agreements with insurers.

Book a reading

In the afsprakenagenda you can plan your session yourself.

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